Tim Kaiser at Make: Day this weekend!

Tim Kaiser at Make: Day this weekend!

Rounding out the musical performances at this weekend’s Make: Day will be Tim Kaiser, an awesome Maker who creates music from his own handmade instruments. Tim will have about 15 different instruments and audio fx units along with a small amplifier. He’ll also have some simple instruments, parts and piezo-electric pick-ups available to demonstrate basic concepts in building and playing experimental musical instruments.

Tim was also featured in Episode 6 of Make: television.

Make: Day is this Saturday, March 14th from 10am -3pm at the Science Museum of Minnesota!

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  1. bryan kennedy says:

    Hey Makers,

    Tim Kaiser is answering your questions over on Science Buzz’s Scientist on the Spot feature this month:


    Curious about how he builds some of these amazing instruments, ask him there.

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