My Tips To Help Your Bay Area Maker Faire Visit Go Flawlessly

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My Tips To Help Your Bay Area Maker Faire Visit Go Flawlessly

The Bay Area Maker Faire has returned! This is fantastic news for those of us who missed it, and wonderful news for those who have never attended. This year we’re going to be at a new location, which will bring it’s own unique flavor to the event. Regardless of if you’ve been 20 times or if this is your first, a few tips and tricks can make your experience much better.

Wear good walking shoes

People often underestimate just how much walking you’ll do at a Maker Faire. I know I end up pushing around 10 miles a day of walking. Granted, I’m working at the event, so my numbers might be higher, but even if you only do 5 miles, I promise your feet will thank you for thinking ahead and wearing comfortable walking shoes.

Water and sunscreen

Drink plenty of water during the event. I know that sounds pretty basic, and it is, but it is also important and easy to forget. You’re going to be basically hiking all day long, you need water. On top of that, wearing some sunscreen is probably smart too. We see lots of burnt foreheads at these events!

Ask folks about things

In my opinion, the best part of maker faire is the “show and tell” aspect. If you see something cool, ask the maker about it! Almost always, they’ll jump at the opportunity to tell you all about why and how they made their item. It really is the most fascinating aspect of the whole event in my eyes.

Wear layers

If you’re not from the area, you might not be aware of the drastic temperature shifts that can happen during the day. You’re probably going to want some layers in the morning, but you’ll be pretty warm by the afternoon. Dress so that you can shed some layers during the day.

Getting To Maire Island

There are a few options available for how to physically get to the event this year. We do have some parking available at the location for a fee. (you can get 50% off by getting a pre-paid pass!). However, there is also a ferry available to bring you from Vallejo.

Learn more about how exactly to get to us on this page in our FAQ. Plan ahead. There is little that is more frustrating than showing up, the lot is full, and you have no idea where more lots are or where you can access us from.

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