This belt from 686 packs driver bits and turns 8, 10 and 11mm hex bolts. Maker fashion? [Via Core77]

38 thoughts on “Tool/belt

  1. Rahere says:

    Should cause some gossip…

  2. Simon says:

    Belt?! Bah! I gave up on belts ages ago. Now if someone could invent a set of utility Albert Thurstons I might be interested!

  3. Nizger says:

    Is there Pozidriv version as well :)

  4. CircuitGizmo says:

    …doesn’t mean you should.

    A little harsh, perhaps, but I just see this as more “looky what I have” than as a practical way to carry a tool or two.

    I carry a SOG multi-tool with Phillips and flat. I did just find two “keys” for a keychain that are Philips/flat screwdrivers. Those would be a bit more reasonable to carry.

    1. jptrsn says:

      I got an earlier version of this belt about 10 years ago as a gift from my brother, back when I was teaching snowboarding. It comes in handy to adjust bindings on the hill (both mine and students’), especially when students are renting a board and need a quick adjustment.

      Falling on a multitool is incredibly painful. Not to mention the screwdriver-shaped bruise… This avoids that issue, but gives you what you need on hand to make quick adjustments.

      Mine doesn’t have the bottle opener, though. Nice to see it evolving.

      1. CircuitGizmo says:

        …of dropping my pants with the poor excuses of “I needed to get to my tool” or “I had something to screw”.


        1. TotalMonkey says:

          Actually, that would be my reasoning for getting one.

  5. Sam Ley says:

    I bought one of these on ultra-clearance at REI a few years ago. I agree that it is a bit gimmicky, but hey, it is fun, and it is a pretty good quality belt all the same.

    I see the pants falling down as one of the benefits, really! Nothing says “I’m a maker to the core” than being willing to drop trou just to adjust someone’s bike.

    In truth, the bottle opener is the most commonly used tool, and the only one that you can easily use without removing the belt. Of course, one misstep will result in beer all over your crotch, but again, I see that as more of a pro than a con.

  6. Spades says:

    Why do all multi-purpose tools *always* sport a bottle opener? Are there really people left who aren’t aware that you just need a hard edge and some lever to open a bottle?

    1. Simon says:

      Most of the local bottle beer in NZ comes with a screw cap anyway. No opener required!

  7. Joel says:

    How does the wrench get used with metal studs preventing removal?

    1. Sam Ley says:

      The black studs on either side of the wrench are actually snaps, you undo the snaps and slide the wrench off. Not super convenient, but it works. ;)

  8. Ashley Keach says:

    omg amazing!! i want one!

  9. USB 3G says:

    Oh yes, this is what I’ve been waiting for. Thanks for the help! I hope you will post exciting imformation more.

  10. Jake Spurlock says:

    I have had one for about five years now. LURVE IT. I think that I need to get the brown one to compliment my black one…

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