Toolmonger Review on Black & Decker’s AutoWrench

Toolmonger Review on Black & Decker’s AutoWrench


Toolmonger has a great in depth review and test on Black & Decker’s Auto Wrench. Toolmonger says, “We were concerned about the AutoWrench’s strength, so we built a cool test rig to measure exactly how much torque it could take. Afterward we disassembled our test subject and found some parts Makers’ll definitely want to scavenge once the neighbor loses interest in his new AutoWrench.” There’s lots of pictures of the test rig build and a video of the test itself. Link.

2 thoughts on “Toolmonger Review on Black & Decker’s AutoWrench

  1. rdarlington says:

    Score. I visited my local Walmart today and by chance found myself in the tool aisle. Lo and behold I see the same wrench, actually three of them under a sticker with the price of $7.00. Hrmm, this can’t be right so I matched up the SKUs. Sure enough after a price check and a personal visit from the night manager herself, they decided that the price was very wrong but it was okay to give them to me for $7.00 just the same. $21.00+tax out of my pocket, and rougly $60 out of Walmart’s for three of the B&D AutoWrenches.

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