Top articles in MAKE volumes 1 through 11

Here are the most read articles in MAKE volumes 1-11!

If you’re a MAKE subscriber, you get the digital edition for free – MAKE Digital Edition is a vivid replica of the print edition of MAKE, it offers an experience very much like the print magazine plus many additional benefits, such as online searching, embedded multimedia and printing. Please note that MAKE Digital Edition can be viewed from any web browser (i.e. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari etc.) and requires NO DOWNLOADING of software NO weird DRM’ed PDFs – you get instant access to your entire MAKE collection!

Because MAKE has a digital edition, we can actually see what people like and are reading the most — I’m pretty sure we’re the only, if not one of the few magazines that actually do this – so we’re sharing the results with you!

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Make 1209
MAKE 11 – U-G-L-Y Your Bike. To deter thieves, camouflage your bicycle as a piece of crap while keeping it a first-class ride. Page 74 – Link.minilaser.png
MAKE 10 – Mini High-Power Laser. Liberate a 200mW laser from a DVD burner. Page 140 – Link.

MAKE 9 – Prototype That. When Kevin Binkert moved into the old Standard Metal Products (SMP) building in San Francisco’s South-of-Market neighborhood 15 years ago, all that remained of the 1920s metal foundry was a metal plaque. Binkert revived the name and built out an atelier that melds the most modern Computer Numeric Control machines with traditional hand tools. Page 112 – Link.

MAKE 8 – Shaker Flashlight Power Source. Powering small electronics with your muscles. Page 50 – Link.

MAKE 7 – The Two-Can Stirling Engine. Redlining at 20 RPM. The Stirling engine has long captivated inventors and dreamers. here are complete plans for building and operating a two-cylinder model that runs on almost any high-temperature heat source. Page 100 Link.

MAKE 6 – Building Tensegrity Models. Make a “needle tower” sculpture from dowels and elastic cord that seems to defy laws of physics. Page 102 – Link.

MAKE 5 – Backyard Zip Line. Be the hit of the neighborhood with a high-flying tree–to-tree transporter. Page 75 – Link.

MAKE 4 – Cigar Box Guitar. Sweet-sounding, three-stringed mini guitar revives and American musical tradition. Page 78 – Link.

MAKE 3 – Primer: Wire-Feed Welding. If you need metal stuck together, there is no quicker path than buying a portable 11-volt wire-feed welder. Page 162 – Link.

MAKE 2 – Primer: Printed Circuit Boards. Step-by-step instructions for making your own PCBs at Home. Page 166 – Link.

MAKE 1 – $14 Video Camera Stabilizer. You don’t have $10,000 to spend on Steadicam? Make this ultra-low-cost video camera stabilizer and see how much better your video shots turn out? Page 88 – Link.

36 thoughts on “Top articles in MAKE volumes 1 through 11

  1. SuperJdynamite says:

    “and requires NO DOWNLOADING of software NO weird DRM’ed PDFs”

    Wait, wait, wait — you’re trying to tell me that the inability to download PDF versions of MAKE is a good thing? Honestly, I’d take DRM’d PDF files of MAKE over the hokey online-only browser thing you’ve got going on currently.

    Better yet, I’d take non-DRM’d PDFs of MAKE, but apparently that’s just crazy talk.

    Also, why does Cory Doctorow get a page in each issue to push his “information wants to be free” dogma when the magazine in which his column is published isn’t even remotely free?

    I’m just sayin’.

  2. pt says:

    @SuperJdynamite – you can make a PDF from the digital edition, just hit “print” – on a mac you can always print to PDF and on a PC you just need whatever the best print to PDF tool is out there (there are a couple).

    if you want to read cory’s column from the latest issue, it’s right here.

  3. Reader says:

    I think you can get PDFs though the Make Digital system, but I’ve run in to issues with being locked out of the system several times. Seems they track the IP from which you read it and permit access from four or five IPs — EVER. They don’t expire “used” IPs and don’t just limit simultaneous access.

    I’d hit a problem every few months or so after grabbing an article at home, at the girlfriend’s, at school, at my parents’ and at a public terminal. I would then be totally locked out on any other computer. I imagine it really sucks for people with dynamic IPs. After you hit your limit, the only way to fix it is to write in and complain, then wait for a response and a reset.

    At least this was the situation as of this spring; I’ve really cut back my use of the digital edition to only home computers to try and avoid the problem.

  4. pt says:

    @Reader – i’ve sent this to our team and i’ll see if there’s anything we can do to change this.

    you might be the rare case here, we haven’t had any complaints about this.

  5. Reader says:

    Thanks PT, I mentioned it in an email support conversation but kinda got a “this is the way it works” response.

  6. SuperJdynamite says:

    @pt: I can only print ten pages at a time. I assume this is to prevent me from printing a PDF of the entire magazine. I consider this a form of DRM.

  7. pt says:

    @SuperJdynamite – so we’re going to up the IP limit to 20 ip addresses, i don’t think printing 10 pages at a time is DRM – you can print 10, then 10, then 10 — but i will take this feedback back to the team and see what we can do — so far in less than a few hours the 5 computer limit was changed to 20, so you’re doing better already :)

    we really want to make MAKE digital the best we can, thanks for your comments – it’s an evolving thing so things will always be changing to better serve everyone.

  8. what he said says:


  9. pt says:

    @SuperJdynamite – stop back here later, we’re going to change the printing page stuff.

  10. pt says:

    @SuperJdynamite (and @Reader) – by monday you’ll be able to print the entire thing – so you got everything you asked for, in record time. i hope that shows how important we think the feedback we get is and how we’re always trying to improve.

  11. cyrano says:

    Now that’s what I call customer service. Way to go Make:!

  12. Reader says:

    Excellent! Thanks for getting on this so quickly. Customer service here has always been great, but this is really cool. Thanks.

  13. SuperJdynamite says:

    @pt: I just checked the printing capabilities on my digital subscription. You can still only print ten pages.

  14. pt says:

    @SuperJdynamite – checking now

  15. pt says:

    @SuperJdynamite – a note from our team—

    >>>I finally got a chance to test this. I successfully printed 14 pages on volume 8. I also walked through the steps of printing 50. I didn’t physically print them, but everything looked as if it would have printed all 50. I made this change to EVERY volume of Make we have out there. To me, it looks like it’s working fine. Maybe the user needs to clear our their cache.

    Maybe give it a try yourself too? Tell me what you come up with.

  16. SuperJdynamite says:

    Unfortunatly I’m still getting a ten page limit. Here’s what I’m doing.

    * On the suggestion that it’s a cache problem I used FireFox’s “clear private data” and got rid of everything (this on top of the fact that Portable Firefox doesn’t keep a cache).
    * I ran CrapCleaner which erases temp. files of all kinds everywhere.
    * I went to and used my account number and zip code to gain access to my digital subscription.
    * By default you’re taken to the latest issue (which recently switched to 13 — yay!). I tried to print by clicking the printer icon. The print dialog only gave me the option of printing ten pages. Here’s a screenshot.
    * I thought that maybe there’s a bug in printing the latest issue, or printing from the cover page, so I went into the archives, opened issue five, flipped a few pages in using the “>>” button, and tried to print again using the printer icon. No dice. Here’s a screenshot.

    For completeness I decided to try out my subscription using a copy of Internet Explorer. When I tried that, for reasons I can’t explain, I got the “Usage Limit Exceeded” error mentioned above. Here’s a screenshot of that. Maybe “they” have IE going through a proxy server. Regardless, it still works in FireFox. Weird.

  17. pt says:

    @SuperJdynamite – we’ll figure this out, please email me so the team can work directly with you to solve this pt at THISSITE dot com

  18. SuperJdynamite says:

    Success! I tried once again to print from home and get a full listing of available pages. I can only assume that my corporate network has a cache/proxy somewhere.

    Thanks for getting this together. I appreciate it!

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