Two Ways to Map Out Your Maker Faire Weekend Schedule

When I attended Maker Faire for the first time last year, I made the mistake of not planning my time well. I hadn’t researched the schedule, I hadn’t looked at a map of the grounds before arriving, and I just thought I’d “wing it” once I walked through the gates. Big mistake. I was so overwhelmed and in awe, I had no idea where to start, and I ended up missing a lot of stuff I’d really wanted to see.
I won’t be making that same mistake this weekend, and neither should you. There are two fantastic ways to get an idea of what’s going on when and where, and I highly recommend taking some time today to look over all the information so you can have your day or weekend mapped out accordingly. You may think there is no way to see everything you want to, but if you take a little time to make a plan ahead of time, you’ll be able to squeeze in more than you’d think.
If you’d like a handy print-out guide, check out the full-color four-page guide. It includes a map of the Fairgrounds so you can see where everything will be. If point and click is more your style, you can check out the online schedule that will not only show you when demonstrations are taking place, but also allows you to click the name of a demonstration so you can read more about it.
Do yourself a favor and spend some time today getting familiar with the layout of the Fairgrounds, a run-down of the schedule, and highlight the things you simply can not miss. When you walk through the gates tomorrow morning, you’ll thank me. Have fun, and see you at the Faire!

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