Update: Balloon Launch – Waiting for Fog to Burn Off

Testing APRS


We are currently in Coulee City, WA doing systems tests and waiting for a layer of fog at 2000 feet up to burn off. In order to fly, we need to have 5/10 or cloud cover among other faa defined details.

26 thoughts on “Update: Balloon Launch – Waiting for Fog to Burn Off

  1. supertim says:

    Best of luck to you! I wish we could have used digital cameras for our similar project. You’re going to get many more, better photos than we did!

  2. eccramer says:

    Can’t wait. Next time (if you ever do this again) you need to find some way to send live video to the ground for as long as you can after launch as it lazily floats to the upper atmosphere. Anyway, good luck and cheers!

  3. krgroce@hotmail.com says:

    What is the SSID/Call Sign you guys used?



  4. krgroce@hotmail.com says:

    Found your info on balloon.pbwiki.com !

  5. +anion says:

    Quickly, buy some marshmallow peeps or a bag of chips and put them on the balloon. The bag of chips will pop open when it reaches a certain altitude. By the way you won’t make it in to space. The highest altitude a balloon has reached is 51.82 km or 32.2 mi. In order to be in space you have to reach 100km.
    So launch a rocket off your balloon.

  6. +anion says:

    Quickly attach some potato chip or marshmallow peeps to the balloon. The chips will expand and pop when they reach a certain height. I really can’t wait to see how this turns out. Good luck!

  7. Dolomite says:

    Couple things…What is the SSID you are using? And put those potato chips on there! The bag will explode and chips will go flying everywhere!

  8. samurai1200 says:

    I’m confused… what were the altitude readings on the google earth thing all about?

  9. Dirkus says:

    It does not look as if things went as planned. Did you get to launch today? UPDATE PLEASE!

    BTW: Raining chips on the masses from on high would be very interesting, but could potentially be dangerous… You don’t want anyone to get maimed by Doritos at terminal velocity!

    You know I’m just kidding, but I say you use a small bag of popcorn instead… just to be safe. ;)

  10. wonderground says:

    The chips, as far as injuring people, would be harmless.

    I would be similar to dropping a piece of paper, it would not slice into or through anything, just slowly fall getting turned about by winds.

  11. cheekygeek says:

    Wish you the best of luck, but considering it is -80F up there, how do you expect the battery-operated stuff to work?

  12. N0QBH says:

    For sending data via packet radio you might find this link usefull. http://www.ringolake.com/pic_proj/t_trak/data_trak.html

    DataTrak lets you use the TinyTrak to send serial data like telemetry etc. over the ham APRS network.

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