Urban farming and sewing soft circuits at Bug Labs!

Urban farming and sewing soft circuits at Bug Labs!

Our pals over at Bug Labs sent us info about two classes coming up this Saturday:

First off is an Urban Farming Workshop by Lee Mandell from Boswyck Farms

This class will include a quick history of hydroponics along with an overview of some of the many hydroponic methods, and their appropriateness for different crops.

The hands on portion will be building you own self contained hydroponic system to take home. The system is a basic drip system and will support one large plant such as tomatoes and peppers.

Following that will be Sewing Soft Circuits with Alicia Gibb.

This class is perfect for seamstresses who want to light up a project! It will be a beginner course, the core concepts of a circuit will be covered. No previous experience required for sewing or circuit building.

Above image from Boswyck Farms

Here to register for Urban Farming, please click this linK:

Here to register for Sewing Soft Circuits

2 thoughts on “Urban farming and sewing soft circuits at Bug Labs!

  1. r_transpose_p says:

    It would be nice if this post would list at least the metro area for these events without having to dig through event websites..

    They are both in New York City, by the way.

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