Vintage Lisa Frank Bead Kit

I’m glad you guys enjoyed my guilty pleasure Lisa Frank wine charms! Along those lines, I thought you might enjoy seeing the kit I used – packed with all sorts of 1990-approved winky teddy bears, this kit is sure to provide many more guilty pleasure craft projects.

6 thoughts on “Vintage Lisa Frank Bead Kit

  1. says:

    I now feel old that Lisa Frank beads are considered vintage. I had two of these sets and have used the trays as desk organizers for years!

  2. apeape says:

    lol!!! makes me feel old too, i’ve got lisa frank tidbits all over the house ;P

  3. pepperdance says:

    HA, HA, HA–I’m only 23, and I had these things; they were awesome. I have to wonder why they don’t sell all of the same things they used to have in their magalogs. It was amazing. I’m still a ginormous Lisa Frank fanatic and collector; I’d belong to the club if their online store were finished and available. I’m so glad I still have sooooo much of my old LF items and designs. It would be terrible if I didn’t. I like the new products a ton, but you just can’t beat the vintage. 8D Although yes, it feels odd that things from my childhood can now be referred to that way, lol. The 90s often feel as though they were only yesterday….:*(

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