Join us on March 10 for our Make: magazine Vol. 80 Launch Party

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Join us on March 10 for our Make: magazine Vol. 80 Launch Party

This Thursday, March 10, we’re hosting a Zoom event to celebrate the release of our newest issue, all about Right to Repair. The 90-minute gathering will run through the content in the issue, and give readers a chance to connect with the authors and each other. Grab a snack, come see your friends, and bring some questions!

The event will include discussions with the leading repair experts that have contributed to the magazine, including:

And as always, the issue contains an incredible array of exciting projects. We’ll be getting a runthrough of a few of them:

The event is free to subscribers and Make: members (those of you should have already received an email invitation), and $10 for others.

When: Thursday March 10, 4pm–5:30pm PT

Where: Zoom — Register here

We’ve got more great launch parties coming up through the year so this is a good time to subscribe or grab that membership.

(Note, we’ll be sending out the invitations for new subscribers throughout this week; if you don’t see yours, email us at with your subscriber details and we’ll get you taken care of.)

More on Make: Vol. 80:

For years, it’s been getting harder and harder to repair your stuff. From implementing proprietary components and specialized fasteners to withholding schematics and mandating repairs go through “authorized” outlets, modern companies do their best to make it difficult to fix the products you already own. This, by design, gives you no choice but to buy new things whenever your old things break. But it’s still your stuff, and you should have the right to fix it.

The new issue of Make: magazine, Volume 80, brings Right-to-Repair luminary Cory Doctorow and iFixit CEO Kyle Wiens about the uphill battle for policy progress at the national level in the U.S. and beyond. Plus, we look at how makers are already addressing repair needs in their own communities, from online meetups for repair advice to cultivating a repair mindset in students at a young age.

Plus, more than 35 projects including:

  • Build a GPS-guided parachute that guides your aerial payload back to you
  • Construct a workspace fume hood that funnels toxic gasses out of harm’s way
  • Make an e-paper box that displays popular quotations via Reddit’s hivemind
  • 3D print a versatile vise that conforms snuggly to whatever it holds
  • And much more!

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An avid maker, Mike spends his spare time tinkering with electronics, doing amateur woodworking, and attempting to cook the perfect pizza.

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