We Are Makers Seeks to Explain the Maker Movement

We Are Makers Seeks to Explain the Maker Movement

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What is the Maker Movement? A simple question you may often hear from family and friends.

  • Do you start with the explosion of new technologies that let almost anyone turn an idea into an object in the real world?
  • Do you mention the community workshops popping up in warehouses, libraries or online to connect curiosity and expertise?
  • Or do you begin with the core values that bring makers of all types together to share and create?

This challenge sparked We Are Makers, a short documentary that celebrates the diversity of tools, people and ideas that is the Maker Movement.

A group of filmmakers from Abilene Christian University visited many of the people and places that have brought making into the mainstream. In the film, we hear Allan Chochinov reflect on making in MFA design programs at the School of Visual Arts. We meet Eric Siegel whose team at the New York Hall of Science is bringing maker experiences to museum patrons of all ages. We hear from Randy Hunt at Etsy about their global online marketplace for independent makers. And we visit the people behind the hackerspaces and maker start-ups that add richness and complexity to any single definition.

We’re proud to share the film with the maker community. In one month we’ve had viewers from 66 countries, a glimpse of the global reach of the movement.

For those wanting to hear more, we’ve shared additional interview footage where voices like Dale Dougherty from Maker Media and David Carr from Supermechanical reflect on the importance of maker culture to STEM education, the Internet of Things, and the growth of maker economies.

The Maker Movement is more than a single new device or type of community, and We Are Makers hopes to help us share something of the deeply human values that motivate the broader movement. Enjoy.

AUTHOR: Kyle directs the AT&T Learning Studio at Abilene Christian University in West Texas where he works to help students and faculty see themselves as media makers.

8 thoughts on “We Are Makers Seeks to Explain the Maker Movement

  1. Tom Heck says:

    On Sunday I was wearing my NC Maker Faire t-shirt and a guy walks up to me and says “What is a Maker Faire?” He was unfamiliar with the Maker Movement. I explained what it was all about and he seemed genuinely excited about it. This video beautifully explains how I wish I could explain the Maker Movement each time someone asks me about it.

    1. Ken Verburg says:

      Tom, your name showed up on a link sent to me from Maryland. I have not heard from you in a while. Send me an update. Ken

      1. Tom Heck says:

        Hi Ken — It’s great to hear from you! I hope all is well in the world of PLTW. In June I led a workshop at a national “integrative education” conference. My two hour workshop was called “Introduction to STEM Education” and was very well received. I’m doing more work in STEM ed lately, leading an all day workshop next week called “Things That Fly”. Tom

  2. Lawrence Calcano says:

    I think this is a very powerful video and speaks to what the unshackled human spirit really yearns for-to create, make and leave something behind. Great work.

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