This Week in Making: Cosplay Book Deals and Knitted Music

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This Week in Making: Cosplay Book Deals and Knitted Music

My 10 free articles this month have been used up, but the headline of this New York Times article sounds promising… “Pentagon Confronts a New Threat from Isis: Exploding Drones”. For those of you who have likewise used up their free articles and want something with more substance than a vaguely threatening (if not terribly surprising) headline, Techcrunch covered this story from (what I can only assume) is a slightly different angle… by asking how ISIS gets commercial drones in the first place.

Pour Boy: Adam Savage's primer on mold-making is (nearly) worth the price you name.
Pour Boy: Adam Savage’s primer on mold-making is (nearly) worth the price you name.

Whether you’re looking to hone your cosplay skills for your next con, or want some expert advice for making the ultimate DIY Halloween costume, this Humble Bundle deal is not one to pass up. Packages include Adam Savage’s moldmaking primer, books from Make: on 3D printing and wearable electronics, our Halloween issue, and books from Kamui Cosplay, Volpin Props, and Punished Props. There’s even a tier that includes a limited edition “Cosplay Life” pin (so you can represent even when you’re not in character).


Are you a Halloween Master? Enter your costume or haunted house tutorial into our Halloween contest for a chance to be featured in the magazine and win prizes!

I’m in awe of this cool wearable that turns the motion of knitting into hypnotic music. You really have to check it out, “Cyberknitics” by Teresa Lamb.


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Watch these lil guys go! Hiroshi Sugihara designed these clever mini robots to crawl with a clever spinning center.


If you’ve ever started a sentence with the phrase “I’m not a maker, but…” then this is article is for you, because you’re still important to the community.

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