Weekend Project: $30 Micro Forge

Weekend Project:  Micro Forge

Do some blacksmithing and make your own nails and other small iron parts. Thanks go to Len Cullum for the original article in MAKE, Volume 18.

To download The $30 Micro Forge video click here and subscribe in iTunes. Check out the complete $30 Micro Forge article in MAKE Volume 18 and you can see that in our Digital Edition.


4 thoughts on “Weekend Project: $30 Micro Forge

  1. Iceman086 says:

    Could this rig be modified so that the brick laid long ways so that longer objects could be heated? Like say, a long billet of steel that could be hammered out into a knife?

  2. loonquawl says:

    A real forge being about 1m (quite big), this is just a deciforge in length scale. Even in volume-scale, it is just a milliforge…

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