Weekend Project: CD/DVD Parts Container

Weekend Project: CD/DVD Parts Container

A cheap and easy way to organize parts of all sizes.
Thanks go to Steve Stofiel for the original article in MAKE, Volume 23.

To download The CD/DVD Parts Container video click here and subscribe in iTunes. Check out the complete CD/DVD Parts Container article in MAKE Volume 23
and you can see that in our Digital Edition.


2 thoughts on “Weekend Project: CD/DVD Parts Container

  1. craig says:

    Dacades ago my dad had fastened big Mayo jars to little baby food jars under his upper workbench shelf in this fashion. But a few years ago I saw where a guy mounted a length of 6-sidded porch column to his rafters and with a massive dowel axle it spun like a hanging paper towel roll. Then the jars were fastened to each facet of the 6-sidded column so it spun like a rolodex. Someday I’ll do that with a simple 4-sidded 4X4. With my first born on the way I’ll soon have plenty of baby food jars for small parts.

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