Weekend Project: Kitchen Floor Vacuum Former

From take-out coffee lids to Stormtrooper costumes, vacuum formed plastic is everywhere. Now you can build your own for thousands less than professional models and still make cool 3D objects!
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Check out the Kitchen Floor Vacuum Former MAKE 11 “Kitchen Floor Vacuum Former” & You can see that in our digital edition.

24 thoughts on “Weekend Project: Kitchen Floor Vacuum Former

  1. Dax says:

    Nice shop Kip

  2. Sean St. says:

    Great video, and a cool project!

    Is there anything you can do to increase the seal between the frame for the plastic and the top of the peg board, or would that stress the engine of the vacuum too much? Oh, and out of curiosity, why do you avoid duct tape? Just looks, or because of some property of the tape?

  3. ND says:

    Looks like if you heated the plastic a bit more, till the plastic dipped, you’d be able to pull greater detail from your original (form).

  4. ND says:

    Something to note, if you are going to use the heat gun, leave the vacuum on, otherwise you’re heating the plastic but have nothing to pull it down.

  5. KipKay says:

    @Sean St. – Thanks. Glad you like it. I avoided the duct tape mainly because it’s nasty to work with and the HVAC tape gives a much better seal. I was also concerned about the heat of the oven possibly melting the tape.

  6. Eliot says:

    Oh my god….I love it. I have been wanting something like this since I saw it on Myth Busters.

  7. Ryborg says:


    I think this is your best video yet. Interesting subject, and you seem more comfortable and less scripted than in past videos. Good job, and thanks for the video!!!

  8. zweistein.myopenid.com says:

    good video! I think it was your best yet, you were a little bit more relaxed than in the other videos. However you didn’t mention that you could drill small holes in the mold for the airflow, to get a better result and more details.

    it would be fun to see some weekend project not from the magazine sometime, even if it’s good with things from the magazine too, because it’s often easier with video instructions.

  9. Tyler_Durden says:

    Where is THE best place to get CHEAP plastic sheets? Also which thickness of sheeting is best?? (ie: yeah depends on what ur gonna use it for, but I’m just wondering what thickness falls about in the middle/general range needed for most homebrew forming) ?
    I’ve been dying to make a vacuformer for at least 2 years now, but that is the main thing holdin me back. Thanks for any help (from anyone)
    And good video mang, keep it up! :)


  10. collin oelkers says:

    Heating styrene in your oven is not safe, much better if you use an oven you dont cook your food in.

  11. Marble Repair says:

    Kitchen Floor Vacuum Former

  12. Anonymous says:

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