Weekend Project: Noisemusick Kit

Weekend Project: Noisemusick Kit

Make some crazy musical noise with this 555 Timer-based Noisemusick Kit. Watch the video to see it in action and pick up your own at the Maker Shed.

In the Maker Shed:
In the Maker Shed: 555 Noisemusick Kit
To download The Noismusick Kit MP4 click here or subscribe in iTunes.

16 thoughts on “Weekend Project: Noisemusick Kit

  1. wayn3w says:

    This was posted on a Friday. Since this requires purchasing a kit, how can we do it THIS weekend? You should at least consider projects with parts and tools we can get in short order; this would mean making the cirtcuit diagrams available so we could at least build them on protoboards

    Otherwise, I don’t see the point in having weekend projects that cannot be done the weekend of the post.

  2. modulator says:

    this thing could probably produce some interesting sounds if modulated by a remote control’s blinking ir led.

    i bet a tv-be-gone would work well too because it shoots out a long string of power code blinks…..

  3. wayn3w says:

    Wow. I guess everyone’s entitled to their opinion, but I think yours is pretty unreasonable. You really can’t see any value in having weekend projects that you can’t do immediately?

    Maybe you could last week’s post this weekend. Or you could do this one next weekend. I promise that it will still work, and the noise will still be just as annoying.

    1. Blackspaghetti says:

      I agree with wayn3w in a sense, since the firsts weekend projects we got with Bre Pettis presented real DIY projects. Now, with the new guy, the issues are more about buying kits at Maker Shed, learn how to solder it (dah…) and that’s it.

      1. KipKay says:

        @ Blackspaghetti – Just a bit of clarification. I have been doing the Weekend Projects for a year and a half now and out of the 60+ I have done, only 5 have been kits from the Maker Shed. We vary our projects because there are so many good kits in the Maker Shed we want people to check them out as well.

        1. wayn3w says:

          It seemed to me the intent of this feature of Make was to allow us to build projects, with PDFs with circuit diagrams and parts lists, so we could build it THIS weekend. If the intent of this feature has changed with the changing of staff, then I can understand it. It’s less interesting to me, but I can understand it.

          I don’t understand why this project wasn’t similarly presented, especially since the circuit is a dual 555 stepped-tone generator — a small variation of the Atari Punk Console, originally published by Forrest Mimms. It would be more interesting to say “here is the circuit for you DIYers (get over to your local electronics store for parts), but here’s a sweet kit with photo transistors and cool touch points already laid out for you.” Then it would be more interesting because you’d have history and theory along with the article, rather than “here’s how to solder up a kit.”

          A REALLY nice follow on would be to show how with a 4017, another 555 and a few pots you’d add a nice sequencer for making really awesome sound. Hack the kit — go beyond kit building!

          1. KipKay says:

            @ wayn3w – As far as projects designed to be made “this” weekend, in the perfect world that would be great but to be honest, in most but not all of the 60+ Weekend Projects I have done, it takes me at least a few days to even aquire most of the parts to do many of these projects. Many have to be ordered online, hunted down at local stores, etc…and that’s with me pre-planning what project to do. By the time most people see these on Friday, it would be difficult to get the parts and build it before Monday rolls around. We are also trying to show many of the great kits that can be built that are available in the Maker Shed and what the end result is in those kits. In reality it would probably take you less time to acquire a kit from the Maker Shed than it would be to find all of the parts individually. So I guess the bottom line is, there are so many Weekend Projects that have been done, if you can’t get what you need to build it this weekend, build it next weekend and look at the other Weekend Projects that have more readily available parts.

          2. redshift says:

            Sounds like wayn3w has more of a scheduling complaint than anything. Dude, just ignore the item in your RSS feed until Monday. Then you can watch the video, have time to gather all the parts, and build it “THIS” weekend.

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