Weekend Project: The Streamerator (PDF)

Weekend Project: The Streamerator (PDF)

Launch streams of toilet paper in mid-air. The ultimate TP machine.
Thanks go to Professor Greg Arius of the Phenomenauts for the original article in Make Volume 8
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8 thoughts on “Weekend Project: The Streamerator (PDF)

  1. gear head says:

    PDF link’s not working

  2. pete says:

    AN easier mod – use a paint roller to hold the TP roll; no need for
    a ‘stabilizer’, but requires a slightly stouter bar to hold it to the

  3. toyotaboy says:

    There’s some rockabilly band that uses something similiar to this in concerts, but they dont’ use a leaf blower. Basically they have a spring loaded electric blower with a wheel that rubs against the paper roll which spins it very fast, and there’s a short guide to keep it straight. Shoots it really far and it’s not that loud.

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