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Welcome Kipkay to MAKE!

Welcome Kipkay to MAKE!

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Everyone please give a warm welcome Kipkay, our new video maker! Kipkay is a videographer/producer with 25 years of video production experience. He makes videos that reflect his personal interests in technology, gadgets and DIY solutions to everyday problems. Since November 2006, he’s been the Top Producer on Metacafe’s Producer Rewards program. His work can be seen here at MAKE and on Kip’s site – Link. Welcome to the team Kip!

88 thoughts on “Welcome Kipkay to MAKE!

  1. Selfsilent says:

    This guys modas are half-arsed, plenty of people have killed laser diodes copying his video just because he didn’t bother with a current regulator.
    In it for the money, nothing more.

  2. pt says:

    @Selfsilent – what are you talking about? we did a project in MAKE with laser diodes…

  3. Stevan says:

    Kip is one of my heroes!

  4. Capitan Obvious says:

    Yay. Welcome to even more stealing of other people’s ideas and videotaping them for his own Profit on Metacafe.

    I think MAKE should be re-named into “STEAL” because that is what he will do in the near future.

    I will be here to document. The Capitan is always on the job.

  5. pt says:

    @Capitan Obvious – you’re free to scrutinize everything we do here, if fact i encourage it. all the videos and projects will be from MAKE and the pages of MAKE — but please either back up your claims or be nicer.

    it’s disappointingly how you’d like to punish MAKE (and kip) for something in the future that hasn’t happened yet. how about you wait and see how things go here and *gasp* be positive.

  6. Pavel says:

    Great article.

  7. Jordan says:

    Welcome Kipkay! It’s great to see you in MAKE now.

    PS: I’m a big fan of yours. :-)

  8. Jordan says:

    @ pt:

    Selfsilent is talking about one of Kipkay’s videos where he puts the diode from a DVD burner into a flashlight. He suggests that you connect the diode directly to the batteries on the flashlight which can be VERY bad for the diode. The safest way to do it is to make a current driver using an LM317T chip. I suggest going to to learn the best way on how to make a flashlight laser. BUT, I am NOT criticizing Kipkay. I love Kipkay’s work but he just didn’t do as good job with that one and wasn’t the first to do it either. Although Kipkay’s way is definitely the way to start out for beginners in electronics and lasers because it is not complicated.

    PS: I meant to put this in my last post but I forgot.

  9. Joe says:

    Nice! Great to see him on make. BTW I love his videos. Everyone that is ripping on him are just jealous of his, skill, video editing, and voice:)

  10. DU says:

    These projects are pretty cool, but his Ronco voice is truly annoying.

  11. the.arctic says:

    I modded a flashlight based on one of his videos and it nearly caught fire after melting in my back pocket. His videos are poorly edited and potentially dangerous. I for one, will never again be attempting anything he slaps together for MAKE or Metacafe. Please be sure to clearly label his MAKE content so I can avoid it.

  12. Daniel Rutter says:

    I did a blog post a while ago…
    …about Kipkay’s history of fabrication and plagiarism on Metacafe. He sprinkles some real stuff in there as well, but he’s clearly just in it for the money, which he has well and truly received.

    Perhaps he has now cleaned up his act.

    I wouldn’t hire him, though.

  13. Capitan Obvious says:

    @pt: I don’t keep a list of what he does, but just check out his Metacafe and his Instructables pages. They are full of questionably legal, potentially dangerous, and mostly stolen hacks and kludges.

  14. Sgt. Vague says:

    Welcome to Make Kip.
    Regardless of what some comment trolls act like, most people who visit this site are good people.

  15. anonymous says:


    Today you welcome a dangerous moron to your site.

    The guy is out for one thing: money.

    No concern for safety or doing things right, so long as it makes a good video it makes him money.

    Daily I have to tell people on laser forums “well, you shouldn’t have listened to that metacafe guy, you really do need more than just a 9v battery to power one of these highly sensitive blueray diodes”

    I don’t think I’ll be getting that Make subscription after all…

  16. anonymous says:

    I do believe this is a bad move on the part of MAKE.

    Kipkay’s videos are very vague when it comes to all the things us geeks/DIY’ers like; such as the science, relevant safety precautions and most importantly, credit to the originators of his plagiarisms.

    It’s a sad day when someone who is ‘in it for the money’ is rewarded by becoming a member of MAKE magazine. So much for the DIY spirit I thought this magazine had.

    Rip off peoples ideas, strive to make as much money as you can, deny people credit for their projects and you’ll get a place within MAKE.

  17. Mack says:

    Kip, welcome to Make can’t wait to see what “new” videos you host with the ideas of us mere makers, With the load of behind the scene postings about Dangerous projects poor editing etc don’t worry I for one have enjoyed a good few of your video casts, and have also enjoy the parody ones too. All you need now is your own QR code, If you make money you make money if a project that someone makes from your video cast blows up burns their arse so be it.. WE are Makers.. If it goes bang we want to know why.. if it doesn’t work we will fix it.. We are here to learn from our mistakes and others..

    Regards to all from Ireland.

  18. Selfsilent says:

    Sgt. Vague – if you don’t know the facts, best you don’t comment. Kipkays corner cutting is dangerous in some cases and the day he comes up with his own stuff is the day I become president.

    Let’s just hope that make do some research and just fade this guy away as he isn’t in their best interest.

  19. pt says:

    @everyone – if you’ve been part of the MAKE community or you’re new – i think it’s obvious that we try very hard to do the best we can and things get better over time – when bre started a lot of people didn’t like his style either – but over time, together i think the videos and content meshed up more with MAKE.

    please keep the comments constructive and give kip feedback.

  20. Mike says:

    Yipee, I like Kip.

  21. Alan says:

    I think the video project a week is a great idea to keep moving forward with. I have enjoyed many KipKay videos in the past and have even featured some on my site. The one thing that has always bothered me though is that many are just untrue and would lead a beginning DIYer into frustration and potentially have that person not want to attempt other DIY projects. This is an example of what I mean

    Basic electrical theory would tell you that this circuit would not work but it looks plausible since many people have seen the lemon battery in the past or even the huge potato battery made a few years ago. I hate to think how many people may have built this and have been turned off electronics for life.

  22. jason says:

    I’m a marketing guy, and I think KipKay is totally the wrong person for the MAKE brand. MAKE to me stands for genuine hacker, people who do it for love and not money, and are geek to the core. It’s AUTHENTIC. Bre is AUTHENTIC. KipKay is fake, and he’s to DIY community what Infinity stations are to independent radio.

    It’s just a bad fit. His milking money out of metacafe should be a warning sign that he’s the wrong style for this magazine.

    I hope MAKE isn’t going to go corporate on us. O’Reilly has consistently been a good company, and I hope you can change Kip Kay more than Kip Kay can change your brand.

  23. Superdog says:

    What happened to Bre Pettis? Was he getting too popular, bringing the server down? Did I miss an article somewhere? All I know is I logged in today and now I have Kip Kay instead of Bre.

  24. Bill Farthing says:

    Kip Kay plagiarizes things on the internet and is intentionally vague on science things. Makezine is making a mistake. He is in it for the money. He is taking you for yours. Kipkay is a d-bag extraordinaire.

  25. RDAC says:


    Bre’s gone on to Etsy. He was kind enough to come out and give a presentation @ BarCampAustin III. I didn’t want to ask reasons, out of respect, but who knows.

  26. thenickboy says:

    Bye bre, I liked your videos (sans the handwaving).

    Welcome, Kip. I know nothing about you and have seen some of your projects, but I’m choosing to remain objective to see what you can do.

    Good luck.

  27. Kiteman says:

    Kipkay on Make?

    Bad move. In my opinion, Kipkay is a very poor representation of the modern Maker, and his presence on the Make staff can only detract from the magazine’s credibility.

    In addition to all the previous comments about safety/legality/plagiarism, I have found him to be condescending and arrogant.

    Oh, and what a surprise – Kipkay’s videos are on Metacafe.

    I’ll stick to the pdf files from now on.

  28. Erik says:

    What Jason said.
    Sorry Kip. No offense, but you’re going to have to be a whole lot more authentic than usual to fit in here.

  29. jyoseph says:

    I aint mad at you kip, do your thing man. You will probably need to kick it up a notch but I think the people at make know that you’re capable of that, which is why they brought you on.

    Looking forward to some good stuff from you.

  30. TRUTH says:

    You’re being HUSTLED by a web scam-artist.
    # It is very easy to write posts under different names/IPs. It is in Kip’s best interest to do so here. His aliases usually have similar styled names and/or ways to reference him i.e. “KipKay”

    # In this thread, he is saying things like ‘I love KipKay’, ‘I miss Bre’, & ‘I hate ads’ to confuse the issue. He was most likely chosen for Make by some unwitting executive, fooled by false popularity.

    # If he ever needs a diff IP, easy as well. Kip himself shows us how to “Trace any IP Address or Website!” in another metacaf vid. The website featured in that clip offers many IP spoofing options. He is most likely fooling metacafe’s video servers with this trick as well. Plus nearly all of his metacaf viewers/commentors appear to be spectators, NOT MAKERS. Few ever try building these “projects”.

    Most likely he will write a post trying to discredit this message, change his style or confuse/change the issue. If you want him gone don’t post here – EMAIL O’REILLY.COM & PT!

  31. pt says:

    @TRUTH – i read every comment, unless you have proof please don’t troll here.

    it’s ok to criticize, but these are just accusations with no evidence from an anonymous person (you).

    the videos kip is doing are from our magazine.

  32. JPM (day 1 subscriber) says:

    I for one have enjoyed some (not all) of KipKay’s videos on Metacafe, but…

    I have serious doubts that he’ll be able to fill Bre Pettis’ shoes.

    What he need to do:
    – Become creative and come up with original content
    – Kick it up a notch or two (or three)
    – Use his real name, not a nickname
    – Change the format, this ain’t Metacafe
    – Be natural. He should stop trying so hard
    – Become interesting
    – Learn that the video is the means not the end

    I sincerely hope that the first Podcast wasn’t a sign of what’s coming, because it’s exactly the same format as metacafe. This is Make:, not a look-i-convinced-my-drunk-roomate-to-eat-a-jar-of-vaseline-and-i-made-a-video-and-i’m-posting-it-here -so-that-other-drunk-fratboys-can-look-at-it website.

  33. Ben Hall says:

    I have to chime in and agree with the nay-sayers. Kip simply doesn’t seem fit the spirit of Make. (check Daniel Rutter’s post above for reasons why)

  34. Scott says:

    I will no longer visit this website.

  35. Selfsilent says:

    Well, a new Kipkay vid is up. Make a fireball shooter. Jeez.
    What next eh?
    How about take a plagerised go at a trebuchet but launch burning balls from it, the kids would love that, loads of forums would link to Metacafe and you’d make a load of money.

  36. Phillip Torrone says:

    @selfsilent – this is from the pages of MAKE, MAKE 13 our magic issue. do you really think this is dangerous? did you subscribe to MAKE or have you done this project?

    as far as metacafe goes, *we’re* trying it out – this was my idea, we use, youtube and now metacafe, we’re trying to see which one will help us pay for these videos – right now we don’t make any money to cover our costs.

    i’ll keep your comment here, but please keep it civil, also you’ve posted this now twice on the site…

  37. RiMo says:

    I think there’s alot to be said for “kicking it up a notch”. Except how do you kick it up a notch without direction. Should Kip get louder, older, grayer, skinnier?

    He already has the ability to clearly present a topic so that it can be understood.

    Here are my concerns, addressed directly to Kip:

    Bre had a nice style that avoided the “potentially creepy guy in his garage with a camera”. He did this not by being a non-creepy guy, but simply by not being alone in his garage. He went out and about and met up with folks. I’d say look at the differences between Bre’s arduino or miniPOV (the brainwave glasses one…) video and your most recent vid (I know it’s just a rehash of the Make article) but maybe, for a little while, ask yourself what Bre would have done on the same vid, and THEN meter in your own style.

    I must admit you have a pretty good aesthetic, but I think what most people are picking up on (and it comes across as disgust) is that you’re kind of the loner, with the camera, making money on MetaCafe.

    I’m about to do the same thing, actually…

    But not alone.

    So, try that on for size. Make it less about the man in the boat. It just occurred to me that you could have spent about 4-5 minutes of video (probbably an hour and a half in real time) on a trip to some museum somewhere and shown off one of those old school beam engines. (this is Re: the PVC explosion engine) something cool like that. Talk to someone, share some info on how the big boys do it, then go slap together the PVC and show it off on the tabletop.

    Anyhow, best of luck with the next vid, but I think that pretty much sums up the face of Make: that we’ve become accustomed to.

    Thanks for listening!

  38. RiMo says:

    One quick question Kip… and everyone…

    what is a Make: weekend podcast doing on Metacafe?

    Getting paid twice for one video appearance?

    THAT seems kinda chintzy.

    Although, I don’t have to pay for anything to watch it… so do whatever.

  39. Phillip Torrone says:

    @RiMo we’re trying out metacafe, this was my idea — what do you mean “paid twice” – kip is paid, but MAKE doesn’t make any money from our videos (yet).

  40. says:

    I’m sorry to sound like a troll or whatever, but I liked Bre’s style and I don’t like Kipkay’s style at all.

    I never saw Kipkay’s clips before and I went through many editorial or other changes here and there – it’s not just the change that upsets me, it’s about the way it all gets presented. I don’t have a feeling that it’s personal – it’s just corporate style. Sorry, I don’t have better words.

    I’m not looking forward to see next weekend projects podcast as I did before with Bre’s version. Just a personal feeling – nothing else.

    Sorry I can’t give better explanation, but I’m writing it only to help the project, not for any other reason.

  41. Lurker says:

    KipKay at Make: is not a smart move (by Make: at least). I’ll wait and see if my gut feeling proves correct.

  42. Phillip Torrone says:

    when bre started a lot of people didn’t like him, but eventually after the videos got better and people got to know him lots of people enjoyed the videos (some never did, that’s how it goes) – the same goes for kip, most of the maker community has welcomed new people as opposed to being exclusive and snobby, try it.

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