What Are You Making in the New Year?

What Are You Making in the New Year?


We asked some of our favorite makers what they planned to make in 2014. Here’s what they said:


Phillip Torrone & Limor Fried
Creative director, and owner and founder, Adafruit Industries

In 2014 we’d like to get 23 episodes of Circuit Playground (our kid’s show) out. Here are the first 2:

“A is for Ampere” — Circuit Playground Episode 1

YouTube player

“B is for Battery” — Circuit Playground Episode 2

YouTube player


Eben Upton, creator of the Raspberry Pi and founder and former trustee of the Raspberry Pi Foundation

Something ugly and welded. I’ve always wanted to learn to weld, and with Pi broadly under control 2014 looks like it might just be the year. I’d love to say “something beautiful and welded”, but I know my limits :)


Mitch Altman
Co-founder of San Francisco hackerspace Noisebridge

I’m going to make a music synthesizer kit that makes way cool sounds, and will cost less than $25 — for total beginners to easily complete successfully, and also to make it fun and easy for people who want to learn about making cool sounds with microcontrollers.


Zach Kaplan
CEO of inventables.com

I want to make an electric go-kart for less than $1,000 that can be built without welding.


Wayne Losey
Creative director/lightning rod, Dynamo Development Labs

I want to build a simple digital toolbox that will allow people to design and print some their own ModiBot-compatible accessories.


Quin Etnyre
13-year-old CEO of Qtechknow

My maker resolution is to launch my Arduino-Compatible board on Kickstarter. I have been working on this product for the past year, and I am very excited to get it to the maker community. Look for it in Spring 2014!

3-D Printers, Make Magazine

Mike Senese
Executive editor, MAKE magazine

I’ve got an endless (and growing) list of projects, but in 2014, I’d love to get to work on the Comic-Con cosplay costume I’ve had in mind for a few years now. And, build a skateboard ramp in the backyard with/for my nephews.


Zach Hoeken Smith
Co-founder of MakerBot Industries and tech director for Haxlr8r

Build a solar-powered electric golf cart with a 100km range.


Sean Michael Ragan
Technical editor, MAKE magazine

I want to make a book! It’ll be my first ever, and it’s going to be about BEAM robotics. So excited!


David Lang
Co-founder of OpenROV and author of Zero to Maker

I have a weird goal for 2014: grow heirloom roses.


Joshua Harker
Artist who works in 3D printed sculpture, joshharker.com

Working on a new 3D printer technology. Would be great to launch in 2014 … we’ll see.


Sylvia Todd
Producer and host of Sylvia’s Super-Awesome Maker Show

1. An electric go-kart. We have already started one, but I really want to finish it really soon.
2. Bedside table buttons. I am super tired of using the scroll wheel thingie to turn on my light, and I want to have a button to turn music on.
3. Treehouse fix? We have a old moldy treehouse that was left from the last people who lived here and I really want to fix it and turn it into something that is safer to use and cooler.
4. Something super-awesome! My Maker’s Notebook is FULL of cool ideas, and one of them is bound to get made sometime.


Eric Weinhoffer
Product development engineer, Maker Media Inc.

One that’s been on my list for months is a set of bike rollers. I intend to build one early on in the year.

A decent one will set you back a few hundred dollars, and I think I can do it for under $150. Will probably use some 2x4s, roller skate wheels, and maybe some conveyor belt rollers from McMaster.


Goli Mohammadi
Senior editor, MAKE

This past summer my good friend Karen taught me how to make a brick walkway. In my travels to visit my family in Iran, I’ve always been enchanted with the elaborate brick designs they use in buildings. In 2014 I’d like to try my hand at creating similar designs in brick. Here’s an inspiration shot I took on my last trip:


What are you planning on making this year? Let us know in the comments!

Pictured at the top of the post is the Drill Kart project from MAKE Volume 26.

16 thoughts on “What Are You Making in the New Year?

  1. Martin Harvey says:

    I got my first soldering iron for christmas. I want to make some mini robots and maybe a robotic arm by the end of the year with an arduino, potentiometers and servos and a sparkfun hand.

  2. What Are You Making in the New Year? Wayne Arendsee says:

    Santa brought me a copy of Dan Pollino’s book, “I Still Have All My Fingers”. My workshop just became a missile factory!

  3. Brent says:

    If Sean needs testers for his BEAM book, sign me up!

  4. Cynthia says:

    I want to expand my new jewelry business and make some more intricate designs with my wooden necklace pieces…..I was thinking about making my own wooden beads. I also am getting a birthday present in February-a drill press! and some Forstner bits so that I can embed perfect circles into wood and fill them with glass covered art for pendants…….

  5. John says:

    My modest new years resolution..
    Finish a damn project.
    I suffer terribly from 90%itis.

  6. Adam says:

    Interesting reading everyone’s planned creations for 2014!

  7. Giovanni R. says:

    I want to master electronics and do an arduino related project…

  8. STEVEN AVISON says:

    I am planning a walk in wardrobe so i can have more space in my bedroom for some keepfit gear.I have also made them my only 2 resolutions so fingers crossed(plus no stepping on a high heel in the middle of the night when i go for a piddle)

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