400,000-Volt Extreme Thor Cosplay

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Hi folks, Ian Charnas here – Engineering YouTuber and Makerspace Founder. My background is Mechanical, Computer, and Electrical engineering, and I’ve always wanted to try doing a chemistry project. I ended up combining electronics and chemistry into a project that involves electroplating – the process of adding a thin layer of metal to an object.

After six months of experimenting, I came up with an optimized Kitchen Chemistry electroplating recipe that allowed me to put a thin layer of Nickel onto a 3D printed Thor hammer. Then I partnered with the Tesla Orchestra to make a music video featuring Thor and real lightning bolts!Watch the full video for my weird sense of humor. You can also win the Thor hammer! I’m raffling off the finished Thor hammer to benefit a charity that works to inspire more young women to get involved in science and engineering.

Ian Charnas

Engineering YouTuber and makerspace founder.

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