What’s Up With Maker Faire Bay Area This Year? Here’s the Latest Update

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What’s Up With Maker Faire Bay Area This Year? Here’s the Latest Update

Since the Make Community reboot in the summer, the top comment we’ve gotten is “what’s up with Maker Faire? I really hope it comes back.”

It’s asked by everyone. Community members. Teachers. Sponsors. Writers. Even the Make: staff itself.

We fully understand — it’s an amazing event not just for the attendees, but for those of us inside the company. We all want to experience the spectacle of our flagship show again and again, and we’ve been trying to figure out how to make it happen in 2020.

With that said, here’s our latest announcement on it, from Make: founder Dale Dougherty:


Maker Faire Bay Area will not be held this May in 2020. Numerous factors including the potential impact of coronavirus as well as the transition last summer of Maker Faire to Make: Community have influenced this decision. We have looked at dates for Maker Faire Bay Area in the fall but we won’t decide to go ahead with an event until we can evaluate the impact and implications of this situation. 

We appreciate the support and participation of so many makers and attendees for fourteen years at Maker Faire Bay Area in San Mateo. We continue to see the positive impact that the maker movement is having on education, community building, and business. We are thinking of new ways that we might create connections within the community and help grow and develop the community of makers around the world. 

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Stay safe!

Dale Dougherty


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