Wii Balance Board hacks

A few days ago, this video appeared with Matthieu Deru and Simon Bergweiler showing off a hack that allows them to surf Google Earth using a Wii. Unfortunately, there weren’t too many details about how it was accomplished and I couldn’t track down any source for the C# application that talks to the bluetooth device.

What I did find was this other clip from almost a month ago (?!?) in which Daniel Schneider demonstrates using the Wii Balance Board to navigate the web in Firefox.

That’s right. You can actually surf the web:

He’s using the latest version of GlovePIE (v0.3) to accomplish this. As far as I can tell, it’s still very alpha, and the WiiLi wiki claims it’s buggy, but it does appear to work. Daniel has some pointers to how he’s configured things, including the Greasemonkey script that allows you to surf without clicking.

For more information on coding GlovePIE scripts that use the Balance Board, peek at the documentation.rtf file that’s packaged with the GlovePIE download. There’s information around page 70 that describes how the board functions and how to pull the 4 sensor values from each of its feet.

Using GlovePIE and Firefox with the Nintendo Wii Balance Board

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