What Will You Create for the National Day of Making?

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What Will You Create for the National Day of Making?


Last year, President Barack Obama announced June 18 to be the official National Day of Making. This announcement confirmed what we at Make: all felt: We are a Nation of Makers!

We challenge you to celebrate today by making something. Make anything! Simply enjoy the act of making and post a picture of what you made in our comments or on social media with #NationofMakers.

If you need some inspiration on what to make, the editors have come up with five fun and simple projects that you can make today!

Papercraft Makey

You can download the pattern for artist Rock Paper’s adorable bots here.
You can download the pattern for artist Joshua Chollet’s adorable bots here.

This adorable papercraft “Makey” comes to us courtesy of Rock Paper at the Paris Maker Faire. Just as our statue of liberty was a gift from France, consider Rock Paper’s design a fantastic way to celebrate not only our Nation of Makers, but Makers around the world.

You can download the pattern for Rock Paper’s adorable bots here.

No Carve Stamp


Only have a few hours to celebrate? This easy to make stamp might be perfect. Simply lay a piece of plexiglass over an image and trace with a caulking gun. Once your caulk dries on the plexiglass, you have a stamp!

Quick and Easy Blimp


Looking for something with a bit of motion? This super simple blimp can be built in just a few minutes and will thoroughly amuse anyone around as it zips through the air! One balloon supplies the lift with helium and the other pushes!

The Scribble Machine


This wobbling, bouncing, jittering cup is a hit at every Maker Faire and makerspace at which it appears. Such a simple idea with limitless possibilities. Watching kids make these is always a treat as they will find new and interesting ways of creating their own scribble machine.

The Flip Lamp


Many of you may not get a chance to start building until this evening as darkness falls. What better project for the end of the day than a simple draailampje or flip light? Flip the jar over to turn the light on or off and enjoy!

Whatever you make be sure to take a picture and share it for the world to see. We’re Makers and we’re proud! Include #NationofMakers where possible.

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