Wire Thing – Double-twist brush

Wire Thing – Double-twist brush

Marcos writes –

In spite of my dubious claim on geekiness, I’m one of the network guys who work with the cable installers. Sometimes, well, most of the time, they leave scraps laying around after the job is done. Tiny snips of copper phone (solid) wire with striped insulation, half of a plastic data jack, and the odd toner. Once in awhile, they leave larger scraps. In this case, really large.

Naturally, I had to have this thick, heavy coil of colors and stripes of phone wire, as big around as my index finger, and about thirty feet (10+ metres) long.

“I really like that! I could make something with it.”, the Packrat Litany echoed in my head as I considered hauling home the colorful mess. I suppose some of you know what I’m talking about. Maybe a lot of you.

Yes. it’s been in my shed for at least a year, patiently awaiting a mission. Thanks to Instructables, the time has come, to Make Wire Things.

Wire Thing #1 – Double-twist Brush – Link.

6 thoughts on “Wire Thing – Double-twist brush

  1. beakmyn says:

    If you don’t have long enough wire use a wire stretcher. They’re easy to make.

  2. rehorstmark@netscape.net says:

    This type of wire is just the right gauge to plug into electronic prototyping breadboards. It is very easy to strip, too. I always keep some of it for that purpose!


  3. TomParker says:

    I challenge anyone to make anything more beuatiful than this bowl I bought in Sth Africa (no doubt make from stolen telephone wire).


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