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And we’re back with our forty-ninth installment of Your Comments. Here are our favorites from the past week, from Makezine, our Facebook page, and Twitter.

In response to Tool Review: VamPLIERS Screw Extraction Tool, Chris W says:

I have PZ-56 screw removing pliers made by the “Engineer” brand. They look like regular slip-joint pliers except the end which looks like these. They don’t damage the inside of the screw head, so if it wasn’t previously damaged you can re-use it. Lineman’s pliers don’t have the vertical teeth so unless there is a lot of clearance to the side you won’t be able to grip the screw as securely. I have used them many times to remove pan head screws which co-workers were about to drill out. Of course, countersunk screws require other methods.

In the piece Make Asks: Longest Running Unfinished Projects, Scott Snowden remarks:

In 1837 Charles Babbage began a design of the Analytical Engine, what would be the first ever Turing complete machine. It was never completed, but a British charity, Plan 28 hope to finish building a machine by 2021, 150 years after Babbage’s death.

In the article Turn Old Netbooks Into Animated Car Taillights, The United Bylaws of America says:

I’ve had to shelf similar ideas due to local laws. If you make it modular, you could swap it for the standard road-worthy tail light once you get to your destination (makerfair/car show).

In the piece Watch Where You Park Your Stuff at HeatSync Labs, ballondoggle says:

I’ve got to adapt this for around the house – laundry, dishes, toys, the dog…….

In the article Report: First Ever 3D Printshow London 2012, Michael Castor writes:

I’m really curious to know how those 3D printed guitars sound!

In the article Hummingbird: “Pre-Arduino” for Kids, user WILLIAM writes:

I’m 12 and arduino is not that bad!

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