Your 2012 Craft Tool Wish List

I’ve been tidying up my craft space and making a list of supplies I’d love to have in 2012. I picked up some of these Clover Wonder Clips and I can’t wait to have more on hand, so these are definitely going on my list. Which tools are you craving this year for your craft room?

4 thoughts on “Your 2012 Craft Tool Wish List

  1. Nica says:

    Makita portable cordless drill, so that I can fix up & tweak my craft room as easily as I want. Somehow, I never imagined a drill would make it on any list wish of mine! But living alone in a small 2BR house I bought 4 yrs ago, I find myself doing lots of small improvements, & my corded drill is awkward, cumbersome, & can’t reach into many difficult spots & at odd angles, especially if I’m working overhead. Too heavy, too. My handyman uses a Makita he recommends, & I’d like the same. Wish me luck!

  2. Marie says:

    An interchangeable metal circular knitting needles. The hardest thing to store are circular needles, but they are all I use because I would lose one if they weren’t connected. I was the kid who always had 1 glove because I lost the other. But the kits are all nice and tidy.
    Or a really really nice sewing machine. I love my 1930’s White, but when patterns call for any other stitch but straight I can’t do it :(

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