1939 ‘Map of Physics’


So cool. Click through for higher rez.

“Being a map of physics, containing a brief historical outline of the subject as will be of interest to physicists, students, laymen at large; Also giving a description of the land of physics as seen by the daring sould who venture there; And more particularly the location of villages (named after pioneer physicists) as found by the many rivers; Also the date of founding of each village; As well as the date of its extinction; and finally a collection of various and sundry symbols frequently met with on the trip.”

[via Strange Maps]

4 thoughts on “1939 ‘Map of Physics’

  1. Un mapa de la física hasta 1939 « :: ZTFNews.org says:

    […] Central Scientific’s 1939 Map of Physics es un mapa de 1939, en el que los países, ciudades, ríos y otros accidentes geográficos se han […]

  2. Avi says:

    Where is this? Are there prints available?

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