Citizen science guest authors

Citizen science guest authors


You can’t get very far in exploring the expanding realm of citizen science without bumping into the names Tito Jankowski and Eri Gentry. Tito has been involved in DIYbio, the global amateur biology org with local chapters, the Pearl Biotech Gel Box project (the open hardware gel electrophoresis system), and OpenPCR, the open-source PCR machine. Eri Gentry is a biotech entrepreneur, citizen science community organizer, and the co-founder (along with Tito) of BioCurious, the first hackerspace for biotech, in the San Francisco Bay Area. Goodwill through science is her passion. Eri believes that “Science + togetherness will change the world,” an equation that pretty much sums up a lot of growing citizen science impulse.

We’re thrilled to have Tito and Eri joining us this month to do some guest authoring on some of what they’re up to and what in the world of citizen science is currently blipping their radars. Welcome Tito and Eri!

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