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DIY rail based linear dolly

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Momopole writes “Here’s a DIY rail based linear dolly for still and video cameras which mounts on tripod stands. The required parts are under $100 and consist of angle iron and laundry pulleys. “Link (Click the camera dolly PDF).

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  1. yo_tyler says:

    How come Canadian makers didn’t get a “happy July 1st”?

  2. RobCruickshank says:

    Yeah! We’ll have to take back the Canadarm, basketball and the hydrofoil, if this happens next year.

  3. philipforget says:

    and take the cup back from carolina

  4. cspurgeon says:

    Today it isn’t just the birthday of America, it’s the birthday of someone who should be near and dear to all Makers, Rube Goldberg. I have a brief post about him today on my blog. Happy birthday Rube!

  5. positiveanion says:

    As always, they made a mistake regarding science. An ion beam is NOT a microscopic version of a laser. It is a beam of ions that eats away metal in certain places during fabrication of microchips.


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