Do you weigh more in Denver or New York?

Do you weigh more in Denver or New York?

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Modern Mechanix 1932 explains gravity and relativity –

Maybe you think you weigh the same in Denver as you do in New York, but that’s because you don’t know your Einstein or your relativity. You really weigh more in New York, Why? Read this article and find out–we defy you to begin Mr. Miller’s story and lay it down without finishing it.

A FEW weeks ago a British Air Force cup racing plane, piloted by Lieut. G. H. Stainforth, took off from the waters of the Solent, that protected arm of the sea lying inside the Isle of Wight, and flashed eastward over a measured course at more than 415 miles an hour–just under 7 miles a minute.

The trim little racer weighed something more than two tons just before the start. Roaring down the eastward course all out, she weighed something less than that. Coming back, westbound, she weighed a bit more than before she took off.

Modern Mechanix » Do you Weigh More in Denver or New York? – Link.

8 thoughts on “Do you weigh more in Denver or New York?

  1. bludwulf says:

    thats great , I love the dated references! the sad part is I can think of a dozen people I know today that could still learn alot from this lil article.

  2. atomicthumbs says:

    Frame-dragging for the win.

  3. Bandman says:

    I really like the wings on the spaceplane :-)

    Its interesting to think of a sphere of water 100+ million kilometers in radius, though.

  4. MattNuzum says:

    Better question, does your watch run faster (wikipedia) in Denver or New York?

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