Electrolysis experiment

Electrolysis experiment

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Wackyvorlon writes – “This is a quick trick, not something to be done frequently. Mix up saltwater in a glass, and drop a nine volt battery in. The battery will electrolyze the water, producing two streams of hydrogen and oxygen. “Link.


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6 thoughts on “Electrolysis experiment

  1. Ian12 says:

    The water could leak into the battery.

  2. Lentamentalisk says:

    This potentially very hazardous to your health. In the beginning it will just make H2 and O2, but it will also create chlorine gas. This will stay dissolved into the water, until it becomes completely saturated, and then you will start poisoning your self. Only do this trick in a very large container of water, or take the battery out soon after you put it in, if you like your lungs.

  3. S.A.D. says:

    Show experiment!! I don’t understand electrolysis and i think if u show z experiment i would understand it better. Explain how this is hazardous 2 ur lungs (chlorine gas). Tell kids who wouldn’t read the comments that they could die bcuz i wouldn’t kno z bad part if i didn’t read z comments. i wud hav tried this. i am 15 yrs. old.

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