110v Power Jacks in your Car

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power-small.jpgYou know we all want this. Have you ever wanted to just plug an AC appliance into your car but it didnt have any jacks? Well here is an article on how to add 110v AC Power jacks to your car! Great project, flip switch on the inside, to test it out they brew some coffee in-car. Link.

0 thoughts on “110v Power Jacks in your Car

  1. BrK says:

    I had the same thoughts about the inverter mounting location. Would seem to make more sense to tuck it out of the way somewhere in the cab.

    Still, a good concept overall.

  2. Moddy says:

    One of the worst things in working with DC, direct current, is line loss. Whether smaller gauge wire or distance. The best thing you can do with an inverter is place it as close to your DC source, the battery, and run longer AC lines. One tenth the required amps travels down your wire once inverted from DC, and a smaller gauge can be used, 14 or 16 gauge.

    I live in an RV and have my Xpower 1750 connected to the batteries with three feet of 1/0 cable. It’s approximately 1/2 inch of stranded copper wire.


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