18′ Canoe from single sheet of plywood

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Check out this amazing 18′ canoe made from a single sheet of plywood. Resembling a South American “pipante” dugout canoe, Finnish boat builder Hannu Vartiala designed and built his craft, “dug”, in an attempt to correct balancing issues he had with a previous design. He’s also put up instructions on his site so you can build your own. It sure is an impressive example of maximum use of materials with minimal effort. [via HackerNews]


8 thoughts on “18′ Canoe from single sheet of plywood

  1. Jared P says:

    Either that guy is 16′ tall, or this is an 8′ canoe, which is the standard length for sheets of plywood.

  2. Wilson! says:

    They guy’s page has a cutting diagram. It’s at least 16′ long. Seems like it would be weak with a seam right across the middle, though…

    1. Jared P says:

      Whoa, that picture Make presented made it look like he could lay across the whole canoe, but the others on his website made it obvious that it actually is ~18′.

  3. DanYHKim says:

    Reminds me of the Sikaflex Quick and Dirty Boat Building Contest.


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