Austin Event: Permaculture Intro

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Austin Event: Permaculture Intro

Permaculture means permanent culture, permanent agriculture, and other sustainability-related things, depending on who you ask. I’d describe it as sustainable design, with a focus on biomimicry and multiple uses for given elements. One popular concept is a ‘food forest,’ allowing multiple layers of edible things to grow in a given unit space:


Austin’s lucky enough to have an active permaculture community; while not exactly high-tech, this is a great group of people practicing DIY as in growing their own food. Check out a free intro Thursday night:

This Thursday night, August 28, the Austin Permaculture Guild will be having an “Introduction to Permaculture” talk as part of our free Summer Series.
We’ll meet at 7pm at Habitat Suites Hotel, 500 East Highland Mall Drive.

Even if you’ve attended our Intro talk before, do come out and hear this one, which will be given by a new apprentice, Jeff Ferris. As usual, lively discussion is bound to follow.

For the full schedule of the series, and for directions to Habitat Suites, visit

Many thanks to Habitat Suites, Austin’s permaculture hotel, for hosting our talk series.

If you see Jeff, tell him I said thanks for the kombucha culture: he gave me the hardy initial culture for our 30-gallon-per-brew kombucha setup!

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