Bicycle planes

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Bicycle planes

Horizon Park2

They look like vintage planes but they are actually just good o’ bikes that ride on the street. According to Billy, the creator, it’s street legal in all 50 states. Billy may be “flying” down your street one day soon. Link.

4 thoughts on “Bicycle planes

  1. Lenore says:

    A friend of mine made a beautiful cardboard plane with his bike. No structural modifications were made – just decorative additions. He strung up Christmas lights on the wings – they looked like running lights. I like the idea of towing a banner, and it can be incredibly simple: just use your banner to replace the teeny orange triangle that comes on a fiberglass rod that attaches at the rear fork. It helps to stick to lightweight fabric, though.

  2. billyjones says:

    Thanks so much for showing my StreetPlane to the world.

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