Car launching!

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Car launching!

Now why didn’t we think of this?

Bill Gurstelle writes:

It is exactly what it sounds like. This year several cars, trucks, and two school buses were launched. I’m absolutely going to be there next year.

Car Launching

8 thoughts on “Car launching!

  1. Jessica says:

    Yeah, I admit that this is kinda cool to watch. But I’m curious if anyone else feels that its rather wasteful to destroy a bunch of vehicles that apperantly are still able to run. As a person who drives a $500 POC to and from school every day, that little camper-van looked pretty sweet! And a school bus? Sheesh! I’d finally have a motorhome RV!


    1. Anonymous says:

      I see how this would be entertaining, but I agree with Jessica, it’s very wasteful.

    2. Hayley says:

      That motor home was my mother’s. Her youngest brother is best friends with the man who came up with the whole event, and was also the MC. It was slowly rotting on my uncle’s property, and she was probably never going to use it again, so she figured why not let someone have some fun with it? It was blaze-orange shag carpeting on the inside, and it smelled musty. Trust me, it was not a sweet ride. *lol*

  2. Anonymous says:

    Top Gear beat this by years.

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