CD + Suction Cup = Rotary Status Indicator

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CD + Suction Cup = Rotary Status Indicator

Clever improvisation from LifeHacker alum Jason Fitzpatrick. No reason you couldn’t adapt the design for non-dishwasher purposes, or for systems with more than two states.

8 thoughts on “CD + Suction Cup = Rotary Status Indicator

  1. John V says:

    I miss this SO MUCH, but our dishwasher is neither metal (magnet friendly) or smooth (suction cup friendly)… what am I to do?

    1. Elliot Murphy says:

      What the hell is your dishwasher made of?! Bricks?

    2. Anonymous says:

      Double-sided foam tape?

  2. Helifino says:

    I had one once which was ever-so-slightly off-balance… If you forgot to flip it from ‘dirty’ when you ran the washer, it would vibrate itself to the ‘clean’ state.

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