Charles Z. Guan and the LOLrioKart

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Charles Z. Guan and the LOLrioKart

GoCollege has an excellent interview with Charles Z. Guan, maker of the LOLrioKart:

Piloting the kart during test runs wasn’t all that difficult when it was under control, but there were definitely a few moments where I thought somebody else was going to have to call home.

The kart’s center of gravity is actually very close to the ground. The battery pack in total weighs about 120 pounds, and it is all in a solid mass that is 3 inches above the ground. The motor and transmission in the back add another 30 pounds that isn’t much higher. I am not a heavy person, so sitting on top of all that probably raises the CoG only a few inches above the wheels. The kart does have substantial tilt when cornering at high speed due to the tires compressing, which amplifies the “I am about to roll over and die” effect.

Charles is a member of the hacking community MIT-ers, and maintains his personal website with more information on his projects.

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