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I was talking to my friend Deborah North on the phone the other day when she suddenly exclaimed, “Oh my gosh! My clematis is in full bloom and it’s beautiful!” She’d been walking around in her yard while we chatted, and the blooms took her breath away. I begged to see a photo, which she happily provided (see above).
The clematis has more blooms on it than she can remember it ever having, and they’re amazingly dramatic. The vine itself climbs up a trellis that Deborah made out of redwood twigs from the forest that surrounds her house. She thinks the rustic nature of the twigs complements to the showiness of the flowers, and I heartily agree!
The rains in Northern California this year have turned out a bounty year for blooms; I’ve noticed more blooms on the plants in our yard as well. What about in yours? Post some photos on Flickr or Facebook and let us know where we can see them!

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