CNCed greenhouse watering system

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CNCed greenhouse watering system
Gyro greenhouse.png

Pierre Grand, an architect from Caussens, France, wrote in to share this interesting greenhouse watering system that he created in Sketchup.

(B)ased on the fixing system developed by Bill Young (, the GYRO green house recovers rainwater for broadcast in different vegetable bins arranged circular manner around the central axis. The system is under development to provide a kit of panels to easily cut by CNC machine and make even by itself. It is possible to change the scale of the greenhouse to suit the size of the family to feed. We will be glad to hear your ideas for improving the sytem.

Also be sure to check out Ekkoflex, Grand’s cool flat-pack building system that we recently featured on the blog. Like the Gyro project, it’s Community Commons licensed with all files available for download.


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