Construct A Super Cheap Rocket Stove From Scrap Materials

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Construct A Super Cheap Rocket Stove From Scrap Materials
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Rocket stoves are a pretty cool concept. They are simple to construct and surprisingly efficient in burning fuel. In this example we see how you can create one from some cheap scraps that you can source for roughly $5 and some effort.

While a cheap rocket stove may not initially seem like a big deal, consider how useful something like this can be in an area struck by natural disaster or overwhelming poverty. The ability to make an efficient cooking stove for dirt cheap is pretty powerful.  The channel Open Source Low Tech specializes in sharing plans and instructions for repurposing and upcycling items in areas that are in need. Daniel Connell explains that they’ve already gotten some good use out of this one:

I’ve been recently deploying this to areas such as remote farming communities in Central America, and refugee camps in Africa and Greece. The design is fully open source and freely available to anyone who wants to make it.

Be sure to check out the Open Source Low Tech web site to keep up with the latest projects and plans.

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