Denim waste oil filter

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Denim waste oil filter

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Mikey writes

It had been suggested to me months ago that denim can make a pretty good filter for waste oils. Since I am trying to reduce my filter costs both in the obtainment system and under the hood I thought I would cut up some old jeans and try out the theory. I am really impressed with the quality of the oil I am getting with two layers of denim as a filter. It takes hours to get a few gallons of oil filtered, but I’ve come up with a extremely minimal setup that can be run in parallel.

If you haven’t check out “Holy Scrap Hot Springs” – I suggest getting a tall glass of iced tea and spending an hour skimming all the posts – it’s worth it, it makes me want to moved out there and join in.

7 thoughts on “Denim waste oil filter

  1. james says:

    The filtered oil might be good for lubricating tools, etc, but after months of cooking in your car, it breaks down and behaves less like the lubricating substance that it is, and more like a sticky polymer. Beware unless you have a really crappy old car you don’t care much about.

  2. Mikey Sklar says:

    I actually just use the waste vegetable oil for fuel. Our car has a frybrid grease conversion kit so we start/stop on diesel, but primarily burn the waste oil. I actually do several steps to prepare the oil for fuel usage.

    – collect oil from restaurant
    – let oil sit for 4 weeks
    – denim filter oil
    – transfer to holding tanks for 4 more weeks
    – boil off water
    – filter to 2 micron
    – heat fuel to 180F in car before switching from diesel to Waste Veggie Oil

    It is a lot of work to save on fuel, but the car has paid me about $1,800 in fuel savings this year alone. Not that this is really free, I put plenty of time into equipment and the process of making waste oil into fuel.

    This oil also makes a decent wood stain (outdoor use only).

  3. Craig, says:

    Do you live in a cold climate? You ever think of making a waste oil burner to heat your garage? The waste oil burner on ‘Mother Earth News’ website has plans for it. I love the design because unlike others that I have seen in my life, this one pre-heats the air intake with it’s own heat from the cimney pipe. Pre-heating the air intake makes it burn hot enough to be a clean burn with no soot or smell. Better to heat a drafty garage for weekend projects with recycled oil rather than a new fuel.

  4. kelly says:

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