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DIY Automotive messages book

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Lots of car posts today… John writes –

“Here are instructions (and pre-compiled PDF) for making an automotive message book. It fits in the glove box and has 14 standard large-font messages printed forward and reverse (for reading in mirrors) like “Your tire is flat”, “Your high beams are on” or even, simply, “Sorry.” I’ve wanted an in-car LCD for this purpose for years, but there’s something appealing about a simple DIY analog solution to the problem.

I’ve also included my source material to encourage others to modify the booklet to suit their needs.”Link.


  • LED car messages – Link.

12 thoughts on “DIY Automotive messages book

  1. wy__ says:

    Has anybody made this for cyclists? I live in Brussels, where there are very few cyclists, but we are growing in number and we are almost always faster than the cars… I would soooo much like to have leds on my bike that says this to the cars…

    *Please be patient – I am faster than you :-)


  2. notatoad says:

    clearly inspired by the road rage cards from t-shirt hell.

  3. joesoko says:

    This is great, but i would say something that start road rage!

  4. El_Payo says:

    In the early ’80’s there was an analog sign called ‘The High Sign’ for communicating with other drivers. My Mom had one in our old Volvo station wagon.

  5. Johnath says:

    notatoad – wow. Wow. Actually I had no idea about the road rage cards. Which is disturbing, since they are really spitting images of each other. I guess I’m *not* the only one who thought it was a good idea. In my defense, I’ve had my copy in the car since mid-2005, so I really didn’t copy them. But still. Wow.

  6. TRosenbaum says:

    The Big Flipper – My father used to have one of these. ;)

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