DIY iPod & iPhone cases made from juice boxes

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DIY iPod & iPhone cases made from juice boxes

Ross sent in these neat little DIY cases that keep your expensive electronics safe and sound. They are made entirely from recycled juice boxes. It’s a great way to reuse what is otherwise a very hard thing to recycle. Check out the link for some tips and a nice pictorial how-to on making your own juice box cases. [Thanks Ross!]

I’ve invented an environment friendly way to make cases for expensive electronics! They disguise your gadget as something less expensive, and are funky, chic and sleek in their own right. For your iPod, digital camera or other gear.

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22 thoughts on “DIY iPod & iPhone cases made from juice boxes

  1. obo says:

    Apple juice boxes, natch.

  2. Anonymous says:

    this is retarded, not recycling.

    1. Marc de Vinck says:

      Not recycling?

      Wikipedia defines recycling as “Recycling involves processing used materials into new products in order to prevent waste of potentially useful materials…….”

      I think this project is fits that description perfectly, even if you don’t like them. ;)

    2. zaroni says:

      please do not say stuff like that i have the right to report u up if there is any more cussing

  3. matthewbeckler says:

    Since the last few postings of iPhone cases have looked like –, I’m tempted to make an iPhone case of, well, — $10 says it would be posted to the Make blog without question.

    1. Marc de Vinck says:


      You might not like all the cases we have had on the blog, but hopefully there were a few that you did like. What didn’t you like about theses cases? Was it the execution, materials, design, or all of the above?

      I like these little cases, and I am really happy that the maker shared them on the web. Hopefully it will inspire more people to try new things, reuse materials, and at the very least attempt to solve a need themselves without just running out and charging it on their credit cards.

      I encourage you to make an iPod case yourself. Not sure about the feces idea, but maybe another material. Just make something and share it with the world!

  4. Phillip Torrone says:

    @matthewbeckler 1. please don’t curse on the MAKE site, i’ve edited your comment if you have any issues with that please email me. as far your comment goes, please keep in mind that not everyone is an expert maker, everyone starts somewhere and we cover a huge range of projects. so while the 3D printed iphone is very technical and almost impossible for anyone to make, we also have a simple more crafty version using stuff around your home.

  5. DJ says:

    i want one there so cool

  6. jammit says:

    That’s it. matthewbeckler is right. I’m taking pictures of poo and make my own iPod case. Actually I made mine out of duct tape. I wrapped the iPod with paper (news paper works really well. It’s “fuzzier” than other kinds of paper), and then put a layer of duct tape around it. If I replace the paper with my own printed… “stuff” and use clear packing tape I can make one in tribute to matthewbeckler.

  7. dissident says:

    Using garbage to store garbage. I like it but it seems, I dunno, a sad misuse of a perfectly serviceable juice box. The iphone is better stored in a blender :)

  8. Yaggo says:

    “They are made entirely from recycled juice boxes. It’s a great way to reuse what is otherwise a very hard thing to recycle.”

    Where I live in (Finland), we have specific recycle bins for different types of waste: cardboard, paper, juice boxes (or any box with plastic/alu lining), plastic, bio, and mixed waste. This is standard in most urban areas. So, it’s not very hard to recycle, I just have to sort my waste and throw into the right container.

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