DIY PCB motor drill

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DIY PCB motor drill


Gio points out this unusual recipe for a circuit board drill using an an old cassette tape motor – it actually looks pretty comfy to hold, but any malfunction in that coupler/drill bit would likely not be comfy – be sure to wear the appropriate safety gear, suit of armor, etc. – Make@home PCB drill.

Homemade high speed drill

4 thoughts on “DIY PCB motor drill

  1. Maurizio Banavage says:

    Nice & easy to build tool, and if it breaks you can always build another one.

  2. Izzy McFarlane says:

    Nicely done! My experience with drilling by hand is that I break a lot of drill bits. Since I have a stand that never happens anymore.

    Maybe you’ll build one? I’d like to see how creative you will be with such a thing!

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