Electric Lamborghini

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Not made by the Italian company, but by ambitious maker Zach Radding. Here’s his most recent test drive video:

The specs are quite nice (cheaper than a gas Lamborghini!):

Body: Fiberglass replica of a Diablo 6.0
Batteries: 50 ThunderSky LFP160’s
Motor: Warp 11″ DC brushed
Motor control: Zilla 2000amp
Battery electronics: Custom
Top speed: 100mph (calculated)
Range: 80-100 miles
Parts Cost: ~$45k
Finish date: ???

Check out Zach’s site for more on this impressive build.

4 thoughts on “Electric Lamborghini

  1. Simon says:

    That’s very cool! But it does miss one of the most important factors of a real Lamborghini Diablo. The noise! There’s nothing quite like a V12 spitting out 500bhp or so!

  2. Spoonman says:

    I’ve been contemplating just such a build! Aside from the color, he’s covered everything I was gonna do. Oh, well, this’ll make mine go easier and faster! LOL!

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