Electro-junk sculpture for environmental awareness

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Electro-junk sculpture for environmental awareness


Built by the British Royal Society of Arts to bring waste and recycling issues to the public eye – Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment(aka WEEE) Man weighs in @ 3.3 metric tons –

What is he made of? Firstly, large household appliances, such as washing machines and television sets make up a large part of his structure. Then there are smaller objects, such as toaster, irons, and other electrical tools. There is lighting equipment and automatic dispensers, IT and telecoms equipment and toys and leisure items, all making up this latter-day Frankenstein’s monster of Brobdingnagian proportions. This guy is big! Waste is no longer out of sight, out of mind. The hope is that his birth will make people think about their behavior when it comes to disposing of the electrical equipment they no longer want.

The Wanderings of the WEEE Man [via Neatorama]

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