FabLab House is completed & looks sweet

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FabLab House is completed & looks sweet

Back in January we covered the Fab Lab House that was to be built as part of Europe’s Solar Decathalon. It is, put simply, a sustainable house fabbed by CNC machines, with 25 teams from 25 countries contributing components.

Well, it’s been built, and it looks really cool. It has a kitchen, bathroom, living area, bedroom, guest bedroom and the soon-to-be-obligatory mini fab lab! Soon we’ll all be living in bloblike futuristic green CNCed houses with mini factories inside.

8 thoughts on “FabLab House is completed & looks sweet

  1. Ken says:

    So this house is supposed to be “sustainable” yet it was created on CNCs — a pretty inefficient way to manufacture a house frame — and its parts had to be shipped from 25 countries instead of using local resources? Hrm.

  2. SKR says:

    I am with you on that one. People always want to make homebuilding more efficient by making it modular. What they don’t realize is that homebuilding is aleady very modular with 8′ 2×4’s and 4’x8′ sheetgoods.

  3. craig says:

    I like it. The top is unique, but the bottom leaves something to be desired… like the bottom was made from ‘found’ materials and looks junk-y.
    Interior could be more finished for smooth looks. A lumberjack talking to Dorothy… Is this a Rozorem commercial? Where’s Abe Lincoln? J/K

  4. https://me.yahoo.com/a/4eOqK1lzvtBSgYdgNNaD.mWxitkOOA--#cb5d5 says:

    Doesn’t look that nice from the outside, a bit like Robert Bruno’s steel house but made of wood. I like the interior shot though.


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