Fly into CCC Camp in an Antonov-2

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Fly into CCC Camp in an Antonov-2

Hackers on a Plane participants can skip the overland route to CCC Camp and fly directly to the to the campsite (conveniently located on an airbase) on an Antonov-2 for the elite price of 133.70 euros.

The trip is an offshoot of Hackers on a Plane 7, the latest edition of a now-legendary flight that brought the hackerspace scene back to the U.S. with a vengeance!

You start off getting thrown on a plane with a group of other hackers, and end up with new friends from around the world that you might not have gotten to know as well if you booked your own trip. It’s guaranteed to be good for your psyche, very likely to be good for your career, and every once in a while it’s your chance to help launch a global movement.

If you’re interested in the main leg of HoaP from New York or Vegas to Berlin, you might want to order your ticket while you still can!

[Image: Jerry Gunner, CC]

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  1. Anonymous says:

    OHAI, jump on this if you’re interested, HoaP7 closes the 29th and there are only two tickets left:!/hackersonaplane/status/96597437044621312

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