HOW TO – Adding auxiliary input to a car stereo

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HOW TO – Adding auxiliary input to a car stereo

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Donn writes in –

This page shows you how to hack a cheap car stereo with the PT2313L audio processor integrated circuit to be able to accept an auxiliary input, say from an MP3 player. The need for such a hack grew out of my frustration with connecting portable music players to my cheap car stereo with those crappy FM transmitters.

Adding Auxiliary Input to a Car Stereo – Link.

9 thoughts on “HOW TO – Adding auxiliary input to a car stereo

  1. imvain2 says:

    This is alright for anyone who wants to mess around with the internals of their stereo. But for people who want a simple and quality end result, you could use a fm modulator (not FM transmitter), all you need to do is plug the antenna and power and you are good to go. You don’t have any static problems, because the modulator controls the station you set it to, unlike those crappy transmitters.

    Here is the one that I use and it works great.

  2. morepowerdammit! says:

    I must agree with (imvain2). Eventhough it is a cheap hack, messing around and possibly voiding the warranty of you car stereo is not always the smartest thing to do. I must admit that I’ve done this hack myself because of a lack of money to buy a fm modulator or a new stereo.

    But if you have the time and stereo to waste, this hack is a good alternative if your internal cd player goes kaput! That would be a nice excuse to hack in the make mp3 player!

  3. fstedie says:

    Even easier, if the deck has a CD changer input, you can make it into an AUX input. I no longer use my changer since I started plugging my iPod in the car…

  4. TexasTs says:

    @fstedie –
    I tried top do that via Wired post. But couldn’t seem to make it work as there was another connection for the control of the changer which, of course I wasn’t sure how to handle!

    I’d be interested to know how it was done…

  5. Onslow West says:

    Link to Donn’s instructions is broken.

  6. andrew navarrete says:

    the link is broken

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